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Artist Statement and CV

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Artist Statement


I currently live and work in Memphis, TN as an artist and designer. I attended the Chicago Art Institute and the Memphis College of Art where I received my BFA and MFA.


The work I’ve created over the last few years has dealt with identity and color. During this process my goal was too compare social ideologies about race, ethnic stereotypes, and belief systems to everyday colors and the perception of these colors in our environment. I try to express past and current events in their simplest form, by taking characters and/or situations and reducing them down to their most basic meaning. By doing this, I use color and content to reintroduce the characters back into a conversation with an emotional context. Color plays a big part in how we see, by using color as part of a social dialogue, the content and/or character are put back into the environment as a social statement.


In my process, Black has always been a color of identity for Black people, Black American, African American, Negro etc. Just as White, for Caucasian or those of European descent, Red as a color for Native Americans (Also deemed as inappropriate) and Brown for the Latino population. The color black has always had a negative representation as it’s been related to death, bad or poor quality and even race. I’ve taken the color black and placed it back into the environment, and used it as part of an emotional conversation. The goal is to make the dialogue or message in the artwork more important than the color of the characters, even though the characters are part of the narrative.


I consider my work to be a form of visual communication using simplicity and depth to express social and ethical issues. My goal is to create a conversation between both the personal and public by using color and composition to express mood, situation and ideas. By placing people and objects in common and uncommon places, it allows me to deal with specific subjects from various perspectives.



1980 June - July: “Modern, OP and Pop Art”, Canton and Madison County Public Library. Canton Mississippi


1990 Feb: “People Time” The Turner Clark Gallery, Memphis TN


2005 Sept: “People Time”, Gallery 314, Memphis TN


2006 Feb:  “People, Places, Perspective”, William A. Goodwyn Gallery, Benjamin Hooks Central Library. Memphis TN


2006 Sept: “People, Places, Perspective 2”, William A. Goodwyn Gallery, Memphis Shelby County Central Library


2007 Sept: “Cases of Sin” Caseworks exhibition space, Art Museum of The University of Memphis


2008 Nov: “Project Genesis”, L | Ross Gallery, Memphis TN


2009 Aug: Caritas Village Hope Gallery, Carl E. Moore in Retrospect, an evaluation of my work over a 10 year period. Memphis TN


2010 Feb - April: “Series Painting” Memphis College of Art Alumni Gallery, Memphis TN


2010 May: “People, Places, Perspective Revisited”, L | Ross Gallery, Memphis TN


2011 Aug - May 2014: Memphis College of Art, Administrative Gallery Space


2012 April: Jack Robinson Gallery, "The Absence of Evidence", Rhodes College Curatorial Program Exhibition. April 27 (One night only)


2013 May: Caritas Village, Memphis Social Art Exposition Celebrating Memphis in collaboration with the New York arts scene.


2014 May: “Common Ground”, Memphis College of Art Alumni Gallery, Memphis TN


2014 Sept: “An American Dream”, L | Ross Gallery, Memphis TN


2015 April: The Dual Show Experience: Only Black and White & Desperately Seeking Attention, Masonic Contemporary, Scottish Rite Building, Memphis TN


2016 April – June: “Some Things are just Black and White”, The Downtown Memphis Commission, Memphis TN


2016 Aug: “BEING HUMAN” The Kroc Center, Exhibition Space, Memphis, TN



1982 July: Juried Exhibition, Buckingham Fountain City Wide Art Competition. Chicago Illinois. Second Place Award


1986 Aug: The Memphis Theological Seminary, Memphis College of Art Student Show.


1987 April: Memphis College of Art, Graduating Class of 1987. Painting and Design


2005 May: “A Rushing Mighty Wind”, Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal Church


2006 Nov: Lantana Projects, "Class of 2006 Show", Best artworks of the 2006 Memphis TN


2007 April:  Lantana Projects, New Emerging Artist Series No. 1 Highlighting six emerging artist in Memphis


2007 September: Marshall Arts, "Delta Axis and Nia Fuse3 Salon 3 Show", Memphis TN


2008 July: L | Ross Gallery Summer show. Memphis TN


2008 July: Tougaloo College Art Colony “Hot Art”, Jackson MS


2008 Oct: WKNO (PBS) Charity Art Auction, Memphis TN


2009 May: “Power Up” Power House Gallery Space Charity & Auction, Memphis TN


2009 Aug: “Works on Paper”, L | Ross Gallery, Summer Group, Memphis TN


2009 Aug: Rozelle Artist Guild Inc., Project Sketchbook Exhibition, Memphis TN


2009 Oct: WKNO (PBS) Charity Art Auction, Memphis TN


2009 Dec:  L | Ross Gallery, December Holiday Group Show. Memphis TN


2010 Aug:  L | Ross Gallery, Works on Paper, Summer Group Show, Memphis TN


2011 Jan - Feb: Vaughn Cultural Center at the Urban League, St. Louis, Mo., “Migration Back” A Collaborative Exhibition by Carl E. Moore & Dail Chamber


2011 Jan - Feb: Graduate Show, Memphis College of Art Lower Gallery, Memphis, TN


2011 April - May: West Memorial Gallery, “Works on Paper” Memphis College of Art Graduate Show


2011 April: “Select Paintings”, Service Master Headquarters Downtown Memphis TN


2011 April - May: “The Spirit of Color” the Memphis Black Arts Alliance, and Firehouse Arts, Memphis, TN. (Artist and Curator)


2011 May - August: Graduate Students Summer Show, Nesin Graduate Building.


2011 Aug:  L | Ross Gallery, Works on Paper, Memphis, TN.


2011 Sept - Dec: West Memorial Gallery, “Works on Paper”, MCA Graduate Students, Memphis, TN


2011 Dec: "Memphis Connections Art Show", Collaborative group show, Marshall Arts, Memphis, TN. (One Night Only)


2012 Feb: "Winter Invitational", Gallery 56 Memphis, TN


2012 Feb - March: Graduate Students, Memphis College of Art Lower Gallery, Memphis, TN.


2012 April - May: "Influx" Memphis College of Art MFA Thesis Show, Nesin Graduate Building Memphis, TN.


2012 May - July: Memphis College of Art Alumni Association Annual Juried Summer Exhibition, Memphis, TN


2012 June: L | Ross Gallery, "I Can See You House from the Highway", Two person show featuring Carl E. Moore and Melissa Dunn


2012 June: Unveil Downtown Art walk & Exhibition, 20 Artist, 20 Days, 20 Spaces Juried Exhibition. Memphis, TN


2012 Aug: “Select Artwork” L | Ross Gallery, Works on Paper. Memphis, TN


2013 Jan - March: Singular Masses: An Examination of Racial Identity, Memphis College Art Nesin Graduate Building Hyde Gallery Memphis, TN


2013 Feb - April: Present Tense: The Art of Memphis from 2001 - 2013, Dixon Gallery & Gardens, Memphis, TN


2013 April: “The Power of the Unicorn”, Marshall Arts Contemporary Space Memphis, TN


2013 Nov: “Imagining Unicorns”, Delta Arts, Contemporary Art, West Memphis, AR


2013 Dec - 2014 Jan: “Choice Life over Aids Exhibition”, Caritas Village Hope Gallery, Memphis TN


2014 Feb - March: “Inspired Resistance”, Crosstown Art Gallery Memphis, TN


2014 September: “Art of Science”, Hyde Gallery, Memphis, TN


2014 Oct - Jan 2015: “Portraits and Figures: Works by Joyce Gingold and Carl Moore”, Dixon Gallery and Gardens, Memphis, TN


2015 Oct - Jan 2016: Circuitous Epilogue 2, Masonic Contemporary, Scottish Rite Building, Memphis, TN


2016 Jan: L | Ross Gallery Anniversary Show, Memphis, TN


2016 March: “Change Agents: Personal Art as Political Tactic Lamont Gallery”, Phillip Exeter Academy, New Hampshire


2016 May - July: Memphis College of Art 2016 Biennial Alumni Exhibition, Memphis, TN


2016 Oct: “Politics and Power” Ann Street Gallery, Newburgh, New York


2016 Oct: “Art 101” Pop up Gallery Space, Downtown Memphis Commission, Memphis TN


2016 Oct - Dec: “Circuitous Succession Epilogue 3” Masonic Contemporary, Memphis, TN


2016 Dec: “The Holiday Show” New paintings, L |Ross Gallery, Memphis TN


2016 Dec: “The Tiny Show” Work 6 x 6 inches and under. J Etkins Gallery Memphis, TN


2017 Jan: “#HerToStay: Art of Reliance” L | Ross Gallery, In Collaboration with the Memphis Legal Center Immigration Justice Program. Memphis TN


2017 Jan – April: “A Retrospective” Dixon Gallery and Gardens, Mallory/Wurtzburger Gallery, Celebration their Exhibition Series artist, 2008 – 2015. Memphis, TN





Art Committee Chair of the Caritas Village Hope Gallery Art Space, Memphis, TN. (Between 2009 - 2016 Curated over 80 Shows)


2009 Nov – Dec: Caritas Village Hope Gallery, First Annual Peace Exhibition, Memphis, TN


2010 Oct: Caritas Village, [choice] Life over Aids, HIV/AIDS Awareness


Jan - Sep 2011: Gallery Curator, Memphis Blacks Arts Alliance, Fire House Arts, Memphis, TN (Curated 2 Shows)


2011 Feb: Caritas Village, "Village People: The Salon Show", Celebrating art and Community.


2011 July - Sept: “A Retrospective of Leonard West" (Posthumously), the Memphis Black Arts Alliance, and Firehouse Arts. Memphis, TN


2012 Feb: "Village People", Caritas Village, Celebrating Black History Month.


2012/2013 Dec: Caritas Village, [choice] Life Over Aids Exhibition, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Group Show.


2013 Jan - Mar: “Caritas Village: Community Collective”, Tennessee Arts Commission Gallery Nashville, TN.


2014 May: Gallery Space Coordinator Memphis College of Art Biennial Exhibition 2014, Hyde Gallery, Memphis College of Art Graduate Building. Memphis, TN


2016 June: “THE MAN SHOW” Exhibition, L | Ross Gallery Memphis, TN


2017 Feb: "The Black Experience" The Rebirth of Black History Month, Orange Mound Gallery Memphis, TN.



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